Oklahoma is Black was a multimedia exhibition that presented current and historical Black life in Oklahoma City. Held at Oklahoma Contemporary Art Center in 2019, the exhibition featured oil paintings, drawings, photography, video, text work, and wheat paste installations. Following my approach of community engagement, I interviewed, photographed, and filmed several Black folks around Oklahoma City as foundation for the exhibition. 
Oklahoma City is where I was born and raised. I have a deep love for the specific Blackness that is there. This work allowed for the Black community in OKC to see themselves through the eyes of someone who loves them, in an art instiution that had not recognized them on that scale before then.

As part of the exhibition, I invited my talented friend Melinda James to create a short film. Together, we co-directed the film Oklahoma is Black. It went on to be screened at several film festivals including Black Star Film Festival and the New Orleans Film Festival. Still image below.