In Mourning is a multimedia project that explores the consistency of grieving for Black people.

I am interested in what it means for Black people to grieve even as we sing, as we dance, as we pick up our kids, as we go into work, as we care for ourselves and loved ones, as we live. To be heartbroken - even at the gym, at the park, at the grocery store, at the club, at the office. And I’m interested in how to infiltrate the public space with work that shouts the experiences and feelings of marginalized groups that we often suffer with in silence.

While doing research for a project some years ago I came across these photos taken by Ken Stenhoff on April 7, 1968 at the MLK Day of Mourning held at Ohio University. The Black students wore pieces of paper on their chests that read “In Mourning”. I was struck by these images. I wanted to recreate the handwritten “in mourning” so to be worn, still.

This shirt is for Black people and it is free. Wearing the shirt is a form of art and each one is signed and numbered. To receive one, simply fill out the form below.

I hand printed these shirts with my mama in Oklahoma City. My mother has had her own silk-screening small business for the past 30 years. Donating to this project will cover the costs for production, materials, labor, and shipping. Non-Black people can donate here.